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My mission as your next commissioner is simple yet complex. To strive everyday to help make Hernando County the best it can be. Hernando County is poised to lead the way as a top county in the great state of Florida. Hernando County must be a GREAT place to live, work and play.

Law Enforcement and First Responders- 

I have always and will continue to support our brave men and women in law enforcement and first responders. We must ensure they have the support and tools necessary to do the job asked of them. I will have an open line of communication with our Sherriff and Fire Chief to understand the challenges and opportunities the departments they lead are facing. A safe community is one of the basic foundations to building a successful community.

Business & Economic Development- 

I am ready to put my 26 years of business experience & knowledge to work for Hernando County. Local governments role is to create an environment and infrastructure for individuals and business to have an opportunity to succeed. I will support small business and work to attract large business and industry. I will work together with our county administration, economic development director, fellow commissioners and business leaders to ensure Hernando County provides viable careers conducive to live the American Dream. 


Quality education is another basic foundation of a successful community. I will seek to keep an open line of communication with School Board and Administration. Successful Schools is in Hernando Counties best interest. We must work together to have top notch schools, technical centers and colleges. 

Limited Government

Commissioners serve to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Hernando County. The Board of County Commissioners is the chief legislative body. The Board approves the annual budget, adopts local ordinances and resolutions and establishes policies that govern the County. Outside of these essential roles, local government should seek to find every way possible to get out of the way and give people the freedom to shine. I will work to ensure Local Government stays in its lane. 


Hernando County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state. As more and more people get tired of the failed policies in liberal states, I see people continuing to flock to the Great, Free state of Florida. I will work together with County Administration, Planning and Zoning and fellow commissioners, to review and implement the comprehensive plan. We must create and update infrastructure including septic to sewer and roads to get ahead and stay ahead of future growth. I will seek to balance this with ensuring we protect our waterways and natural resources. We must be good stewards of our resources, while providing access to Hernando's natural beauty. 

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